National MEDALIST 2017!

"Surrounded by 'GREATNESS'. Our own Kyara F. and Tatiana N. pose with decathlon, "WORLD RECORD HOLDER", Ashton Eaton. As they celebrate their ALL-AMERICAN performances in the girls 9-10 Triathlon.
PPA on the PODIUM at National JO's championships in Lawrence, Kansan. Kyara F. TOPPED the standings with a top 2 AND top 3 finish in the NATION. PPA SETTING THE STANDARD.
PPA's Tatiana N. completed a "TRI-FACTOR", in this years National Championships. Her "REMARKABLE FEAT" of medaling in 3 individual events out of 4 speaks for itself.

STANDING TALL, the 15-16 boys 4x800 (Chaney, Malik, Smith, and Wilson). Became ALL-AMERICANS with their 7th place finish.

"TWO", is better than one. So, the 13-14 girls 4x800 AND 4x400 made their presents felted, by medaling in BOTH. Congratulations to ALL 2017 OLYPICIANS of PPA !!!

Premier Performance Athletics (PPA) is a 501c3 youth development organization established to support Houston area youth to develop healthier lifestyles through recreational activities and academic enrichment activities. Through academic enrichment, PPA supports youth in developing a strong fundamental foundation with opportunities to exercise their leadership potential.

We are an all-volunteer organization that proudly services athletes (ages 6 – 18) who compete in the Youth Division of USA Track and Field. Our objective is to provide opportunities for healthy, supervised athletic training that emphasizes teamwork, goal setting, discipline, sportsmanship, leadership, nutrition, and other valuable life-skills as an important alternative to inappropriate social behaviors. It is also our desire for each athlete to establish a lifetime appreciation of health and fitness.

PPA believes that achievement is not the result of mere athletic ability. Rather, we believe that true success is measured by the character of our participants in their pursuit of athletic and academic excellence.


Our mission is to inspire youth in Houston and its surrounding areas to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based outreach program that creatively integrates running and promotes academic excellence.


We envision a society where youth know and are empowered to live up to their limitless potential and are free to boldly pursue their dreams.

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National ALL American Medalists

National ALL-AMERICAN Medalists

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September 5 CROSS COUNTRY Practice BEGINS: Tuesday and Thursday, 6-7:30pm (Kitty Hollow Park)
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8 & Under (previously Sub-bantam 2009+*
9 - 10 (previously Bantam) 2007-2008
11 - 12 (previously Midget) 2005-2006
13 - 14 (previously Youth) 2003-2004
15 - 16 (previously Intermediate) 2001-2002
17 - 18 (previously Young Men & Women) 1999-2000**
PPA is dedicated to working with youth all throughout the greater Houston Area.
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